Rail Yard Studios
Freshome Article

A big shout out to Freshome who caught us at the Architectural Digest Show in NYC in March. They asked us to tell our story in our own words with help from lots and lots of pictures of our work (that’s worth thousands and thousands of words for those of you doing the math).

We caught the eye of Stacey Sheppard who authored the piece and are deeply appreciative to her for the virtual ink. 

We were thrilled to get the chance to do the interview and pretty excited to see that the self-portrait from one of our friends, Gabriel Mark Lipper, made the lead photo behind the Telegraph Desk.

Got to meet and hang out with a fantastic guy this week - Marco Arment - co-founder of tumblr (yes, THAT tumblr) and founder of Instapaper. If you have not seen Instapaper, leave this right now and go check it out, then come back. He even had some kind words for us on his blog and we are deeply appreciative.

We were delivering a custom-made Triangle Coffee Table to Marco, date-nailed with the day of his wedding anniversary. Even got to meet his wonderful wife Tiffany and their guard dog Hops.

And as you can tell, we made ourselves right at home, opening up the fridge and sifting through the collection of artisan beers - its a passion that Marco and Rob Humphreys share.

So a big shout out to Marco. We loved getting to meet with him and were thrilled to have the chance to build him such a meaningful piece.

More Wonderful People from AD

Got to meet some fantastic people at the show including some that thought what we were doing was pretty neat as well. Our sincerest thanks to our friend Kim at Design Thoughts for the kind words about Rail Yard Studios on her blog! She was so nice we’re blushing.

Architectural Digest and Our Friends

Had a great time at Architectural Digest in New York and got to see some of the friends we made at One of a Kind in Chicago as well. A big shout out to John Murphy and Geoffrey Keating who we have loved getting to know over the past few months! And Bruce MacDonald and David Stine, too!

Architectural Digest show. Ready to go.

Architectural Digest show. Ready to go.

NYC here we come!

Getting everything crated up for the Architectural Digest show (we will be in the Made section) and the Craft NY shows at the end of the month!

Thanks Earl for the quick turnaround on the crates for the show!

And thanks to everyone for putting together the outgoing shipment while I am out - Erica, Zach, Pop, Rick, Rob and prolly other folks I did not even know were involved like maybe Ferf, Nick and Chad.

We’re Getting “Made” in New York: March 22-25

…and that’s a good thing. We just got word that we will be in the 2012 Architectural Digest “Made” show March 22-25 in addition to the craftNEWYORK show, March 30 - April 1.

Everyone knows Architectural Digest, and this show draws some of the best designers around like David Stine WoodworkingGuarino Furniture Designs, and Lindsey Adelman Studio.

Come see us get “Made!” 

Springtime in New York City - Here We Come!

Just got word that Rail Yard Studios got accepted to the CraftNEWYORK 2012 Show! This is a pretty exclusive juried art show where only 120 artists are accepted to exhibit. 

We are SUPER excited about this and flattered to be getting to be in a show that has included the likes of folks like Mark del Guidice, Michael Puryear and Jay Rogers.

Look for us in the Big Apple March 29-April 1.